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Carpet Cleaning Ipswich – Tips on How to Showcase Your Home for a Quick House Sale

At Kesgrave Cleaning Services, we offer carpet cleaning in Ipswich and the surrounding areas and can restore your carpets to their original condition, leaving them smelling fresh and looking rejuvenated. 

We are the leading experts in carpet cleaning in Ipswich and are experienced in removing all kinds of stains, including pet stains, chewing gum and wine stains. Whatever the problem, we will do all we can to get your soiled carpets clean!

If you are in the process of selling your home, one of the things that will put off potential buyers is a dirty carpet. Luckily, the situation can be easily remedied without the expense and hassle of getting a new carpet fitted; all you have to do is to call in a professional carpet cleaner in the Ipswich area, such as Kesgrave Cleaning Services and we will take the worry out of your hands.

Calling in the experts for carpet cleaning in the Ipswich area isn't the only way that you can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. In this article, we share our top tips for making your home more saleable.

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Cleaning Your Home

A dirty home is a sure fire way to put off potential buyers, so make sure your home has a thorough clean from top to bottom before any viewings. Pay close attention to detail too, as if you don't, the buyers will and this could make or break a house sale. Dust shelves, skirting boards and furniture; clean and polish streaky windows and mirrors until they shine; make sure the kitchen sink and draining boards are clear of dirty dishes.

At Kesgrave Cleaning Services, we offer a regular window cleaning service, so you can hire us to give your windows a professional clean - and, if you like our service, why not recommend us to the new owners?


Even large rooms with plenty of space look small, cramped and uninviting if books, paperwork or toys are strewn all over the floor or left on the surfaces of furniture. Too much clutter looks sloppy and will put off potential buyers. Go round each room as if you were looking at it for the first time. Clear the floors, tidy up bookshelves and put clothes and shoes away in the wardrobe. Do the same in the bathroom; hang up towels, clear make-up and toiletries off surfaces and put them neatly away into drawers, boxes, or medicine cabinets.

Cutting Back on the Furniture

Too much furniture or overly large furniture can also be off-putting for buyers as it makes a room look smaller than it really is. Take a good look round and, if you feel that your home looks too cramped, remove a few pieces of furniture to make the rooms appear larger. It sounds obvious, but make sure you leave plenty of space to comfortably enter a room. If you have furniture blocking the doorways, buyers will automatically think that your home doesn’t have the space they need.

You can always put some furniture into storage, or store it in the attic or at a friend's place. If you don't need it, you can sell it or give it away to The Furniture Project in Ipswich or Freecycle. The Furniture Project will come and collect items that you have donated, free of charge.

Keeping Walls Neutral

It's a good idea to keep the walls a neutral colour, such as cream, bright white or magnolia. This means that potential buyers can visualise the room as a blank canvas and can imagine putting their own furniture there.

Finishing Touches

There are lots of finishing touches that you can add to make your property more homely. Having fresh flowers strategically placed around the home will make it more inviting. The smell of fresh coffee or baked bread are very comforting smells and will make potential buyers feel at home. Clever placement of mirrors (above fireplaces and in dark corners) can also make a room look bigger.

Outside Area

It's equally important to make sure your garden is clean and tidy and that the fence panels, greenhouse and shed are in good repair. The front garden in particular deserves a makeover as it is often one of the first things visitors see. For some buyers, the garden is what can sway them most and can make or break a sale. 

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Contract Cleaning Ipswich: The Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Office Cleaner

If you have an office that is chaotic or disorganised, with desks and overflowing bins, now is the time to hire a commercial office cleaner and organise contract cleaning for your Ipswich premises.

Contract cleaning is far more reliable and time efficient than arranging one-off cleans every now and again. We offer contract cleaning in the Ipswich area and our outstanding track record and commitment to customer service means you will wonder how you ever managed without us!

Here we shall look at the ten major benefits of contract cleaning, Ipswich, including how keeping your office in tip top shape can improve productivity, efficiency, and boost morale in your workplace.

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Ten Ways Contact Cleaning Ipswich Can Help Your Business
1. Improves Staff Morale

Having regular office cleans makes your staff feel valued. It stops the Hoovering, dusting and washing up being allocated to just one, or two, staff members and eliminates the need for an office rota. Your staff will be thankful if you invest in cleaning services as it prevents arguments, such as ‘who’s emptying the bins next?’ and means your workforce can concentrate on the job in hand.

2. Improves Efficiency

A clean office saves money in the long run because it makes a business more productive. No one wants to sit for long periods of time in an office that has grimy keyboards, insanitary kitchens, dirty toilet areas and filthy carpets. Organising a commercial office cleaner eliminates these distractions and makes a business environment more attractive to work in.

3. Makes a Good Impression

If one company is contracted to do the cleaning (rather than lots of companies as and when), work is completed to consistently high standard to make the best impression on your customers. Our cleaning staff take pride in their work and pay great care and attention to detail. The rewards for your organisation are unlimited, as a clean office projects the best possible image and means people are more likely to want to do business with you.

4. Builds Trust

With contract cleaning services, you benefit from either one cleaner or the same team assigned to your office. This means you get to know who is working for you so you can build a relationship with your cleaning team and trust them. We are experienced in all types of commercial cleaning including: offices, factories, civic buildings, heath organisations, schools and community halls and have a good rapport with our customers. 

5. You Gain from Our Experience

Contract cleaners are experienced in commercial cleans, which means you gain from our skills and knowledge. We know the best products and materials to use to remove dirt from even the grimiest of places and make your office gleam. We also know the right products to use on each surface, so we can achieve the best possible results and put the sparkle back into your workplace.

6. Keeps Cost Down

Assigning a contract cleaner for your Ipswich office, rather than arranging ad hoc cleans, works out cheaper in the long run. This is because you benefit from the lower prices offered for repeat services.

7. Cleans Tailored to Your Requirements

It is important for a commercial office cleaner to visit your premises first and find out what your needs are. So, if you want us to focus on staff relaxation areas, kitchen areas, staff toilets and/or reception areas, you can specify this and we will work around you. At Kesgrave Cleaning Services we provide a full initial site visit so you can make the best use of our services.

8. All Budgets Catered For

On the initial site visit we discuss what your budget is and design a suitable cleaning plan to fit around it. We discuss whether you require: daily cleaning, twice weekly, weekly cleans or fortnightly cleans and tailor a programme to suit you. Prices vary on whether you are supplying your own cleaning materials, or we supply them, and whether washing up is required etc.

9. Times to Suit You

We make every effort to ensure our services don’t disrupt the daily running of your business. So, if you need cleaning services early in the morning, or in the evening we can organise this around you. To make sure everything runs smoothly, we assign you the same cleaning team. This means no time is wasted as our staff can easily find their way around your building, will know exactly where your cleaning products are stored, and will work around the hours you choose.

10. Friendly, Local Team

We are a well established, local cleaning service based in Kesgrave. Our cleaning staff are a friendly team who know the area well and will turn up promptly to each job so you can get the full benefits of our service. We provide contract cleaning in the Ipswich, Kesgrave, and Woodbridge areas, and further afield on demand. Just use the link below and contact us direct at Kesgrave Cleaning Services to find out more.

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